Client Reviews

Lawrence Almagno

Lawrence Almagno was very professional and made my claim go as smooth as possible. He was very prompt and got things done faster than I expected. I recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable, and fair lawyer.

– Nick (5 star review)

Great Lawyer

I want to thank Lawrence for all that he did during this tough time. He ensured that I was treated fairly every step of the way. I felt that he actually cared for me as a person and just not a client. After my case was final he still kept in touch to see how I was doing. Lawrence fought for me and got all criminal charges dismissed in exchange for a minimal civil fine, which was the best i could ask for he did a great job. I would recommend Lawrence and his firm to anybody looking for a great lawyer in the providence Rhode island area.

– M.W, a DUI client (5 star review)


I would like to thank Lawrence Almagno for his hospitality and great effort for representing me as my attorney…He was always on time always honest and direct and very concerned about my case, I was very satisfied with the results and once again I want to thank him again for his had excellent work. I highly recommend him For an attorney.

– Pierry V. (5 star review)

True Quality in Professionalism and Empathy

Lawrence Almagno Jr. provided me with superb legal services after my auto accident. I was represented well and received the fair compensation I deserved due to Mr. Almagno’s tireless efforts and relentless determination. During the claim process, he keep in constant contact, informing me of any developments and showed genuine concern about my recovery. I am assured that this process would not have gone as well without his expertise.

– Jon (5 star review)

Great Attorney

Upon entering some legal trouble, I was referred by a mutual friend of Lawerence Almagno. He took my case in a very professional and serious way, ensuring I was informed of anything he could do to help and any obstacles I would be up against. He worked very hard to make sure I was given every opportunity to settle my case in the most cost efficient, and shortest amount of time possible. He helped me obtain my case goal, which was getting it dismissed and all criminal charges dropped. I would recommend Lawerence to anyone in need of legal help.

– A client (5 star review)

I would definitely Recommend Him!

Lawrence Almagno is an awesome lawyer. he always kept me informed with every detail. I received a good amount of money for only a short time.

– Theresa (5 star review)