Business & Corporate Law

Rhode Island Business & Corporate Law Attorney

Business and corporate law deal with the creation of new companies and the issues that arise as existing companies interact with other companies, consumers and the government. It’s an area of law that encompasses a variety of legal discipline, including bankruptcy, employment law, tax law, intellectual property, real estate and others.

Attorney Lawrence Almagno: New York Corporate Law Attorney

As a Rhode Island corporate law attorney and New York business law attorney, attorney Lawrence Almagno serves as an advisor to business executives and acts on behalf of businesses in court. He helps study and draft contracts, handles human resource issues when they reach the judicial level and facilitates mergers. With a collaborative approach, he often works with attorneys from other companies to broker deals and ensure that everyone is in compliance with the applicable business and corporate law. Negotiations are a common activity for him. Its paperwork intensive with contract writing and constant monitoring of business communications and transactions. His legal corporate experience and eye for detail have enhanced his business legal skills.

Attorney Lawrence Almagno works closely with his clients to ensure that all business transactions are in compliance with the law. In addition, he assists clients in making legal decisions that translate to a strong bottom line. For example, he may advise that settling a dispute is worth it instead of going through a lawsuit.

Massachusetts Business Law Attorney

Being an effective business law attorney requires a varied skill set. Corporate lawyers must have financial and business acumen. It’s critical for corporate attorneys to understand the business effect of any legal decision. Legal research is required to ensure compliance with new regulations and rules. Excellent writing skills are needed to communicate with clients, and strong negotiation skills are needed to bargain on behalf of business clients. The Almagno Law, INC. Firm has all the skills needed to keep companies operating legally and efficiently. This law firm provides solutions for all of your important business problems, including mergers and acquisitions, trademark infringement and tax issues.

When it comes to business, turning a profit is the bottom line. With the help of attorney Lawrence Almagno, you can avoid business fines and costly lawsuits. If you’re considering a merger, have a business tax issue or facing a potential law suit, turn to the Amalgno Law Firm for the best legal advice.