Rhode Island Trademark Attorney: The Almagno Law, INC. Firm

Trademarks are words, symbols, designs and slogans that identify and distinguish goods and services from parties. The main purpose of trademark laws is to prevent unfair competition and allow owners of a trademark protection from others wrongfully using its trademark. Attorney Lawrence Almagno is a Rhode Island trademark attorney who can assist with the filing for a trademark and protect you if you’ve had a trademark infringement.

Today, trademark infringement is prevalent on the Internet, including domain names. The Almagno Law, INC. Firm can assist with drafting a trademark infringement cease and desist letter if your trademark is being used by other online. If this doesn’t work, you can file an infringement lawsuit to prevent further use of the mark and collect money damages for the wrongful use. An infringement action can be brought in federal or state court if the mark is protected under the Lanham Act. Keep in mind that the used mark need not be identical to the one you use, but its similarity just need cause confusion among consumers in the same market.

Attorney Lawrence Amagno can evaluate your case and determine if the used mark by a competitor is likely to cause confusion. If the case should go to trial, he is a strong litigator with the facts at hand. Your trademark is a valuable asset. If not properly protected, it can be subject to misuse by competitors or others. This can have significant adverse consequences.

For the best protection of your trademark, turn to the Almagno Law, INC. Firm. We’ll ensure that your trademark is fully protected. We show clients how to protect their product, service and business name from trademark infringement.