Civil Litigation

Rhode Island Civil Litigation Attorney

Civil litigation is used to resolve all types of conflicts from contract disputes and personal injury cases to contested wills. Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties that seek damages rather than criminal sanctions. The Almagno Law, INC. Firm can assist you with preparing and filing a civil lawsuit while trying to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. Attorney Lawrence Almagno is an experienced Rhode Island civil litigation attorney with a track record of successes.

New York Civil Litigation Attorney: Types of Civil Litigation and Stages

Civil litigation includes a broad range of disputes. Common types of civil litigation include real estate, intellectual property, products liability, medical malpractice, environmental law and employment and labor. The process includes stages: investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal. Not all lawsuits incur every stage as some are settled prior to trial. The lifespan of these types of lawsuits can range from a few months to several years.

Discovery is the longest stage of civil litigation and the most labor intensive. During the discovery sate, we gather relevant information from all parties, including third parties. We review documents, attain interrogatories, take depositions and more. Thorough case preparation is needed for any successful litigation case, and we do not leave any stone unturned.

Massachusetts Civil Litigation Attorney: Skills Needed for Success

It takes specific legal skills and legal knowledge for civil litigation practice. Civil attorneys must have in-depth knowledge of procedural and substantive law, strong analytical reasoning abilities, knowledge of legal research, superior interpersonal skills and the ability to synthesize intricate legal and factual materials. In addition, civil attorneys must have strong negotiation skills. The Almagno Law, INC. Firm has all of the skills needed for success in civil litigation cases.

Each civil litigation case is unique and requires time and attention. At the Almagno Law, INC. Firm, clients get the needed attention in an efficient manner. We strive to obtain a fair settlement through conflict dispute resolution and legal mediation to resolve issues. However, we will go to trial and fight to protect your rights if needed. The Almagno Law, INC. Firm provides top-notch quality legal work and unmatched personal service.

If you’re considering filing a civil lawsuit, call us for advice. We will evaluate your case to determine its merits and weaknesses.