Who We Are

Almagno Law is a full service law firm based in Cranston, RI that specializes in handling complex, challenging, and emotionally charged cases. We are renowned for going above and beyond for our clients, and spend every day living up to that reputation. At our heart we are fighters, and we leverage our determination, compassion, and experience to win cases and deliver results.

Our practice areas include injury law, workers compensation, DUIs/refusals, criminal defense, civil litigation, and business litigation, both in state and federal courts. We are eager to hear all cases and will provide advice or referrals if we are not the best firm to handle the case.


What We Do

Almagno Law provides advice, counsel, and representation to those facing legal issues in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York. We have already assisted thousands of clients in navigating a variety of stressful, complex problems, and look forward to helping even more.  When our clients are faced with an issue that cannot be resolved amicably outside of court, we won’t hesitate to take the case to trial. We would never recommend that a client settle for a bad deal if we could do better in front of a jury. 

Our superior service and commitment to our clients has delivered victories in both civil and criminal cases. Our results have included full damage awards, dismissed charges, contractual enforcement, and a wide array of creative solutions to our clients’ problems. 

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Our Practice Areas

Injury Law

If you are hurt due to negligence, we fight to get you compensated for your injury.
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Workers Compensation

Whether you are an employee or employer, we work with you to get your fair compensation.
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Criminal Defense

We understand that being charged with a criminal offense is a deeply stressful and trying time in your life.
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DUI / Refusal

Almagno Law knows you are not a bad person. You just made a mistake, and we can help.
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Civil Litigation

Almagno Law can assist you in preparing and filing a civil suit, while also negotiating an out-of-court settlement.
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Business Litigation

Almagno Law helps business leaders like you navigate complex litigation so you can get back to running your business.
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