We take pride in our work and derive no greater satisfaction than delivering victories to our clients.  We know that people come to us during the most stressful, traumatic periods in their lives, and helping them navigate their way to the light at the end of the tunnel is what we do best. Don’t take our word for it—just hear what our former clients have to say. 

"I was injured at work and had an attorney handle my workers compensation case, however my attorney did not inform me or notify me that I could also sue and or file a claim against the third party that was supposed to maintain the walkway. I met with Lawrence after hearing from several others that my case was not worth much. We demanded 100k and it was rejected by the insurance company. Lawrence filed suit and in Federal Court we walked out with just under 400k."
Sindy G
"I was injured in class by a teacher telling me to perform a science experiment with no protection. I had bad burns to my face and embarrassment as the teacher laughed and had to take a taxi to the hospital. At a mediation the insurance company would not even pay us 100k for my injuries. Lawrence got them to pay me over 250k."
Jan G
I was charged with driving double the speed limit, increasing my insurance by thousands of dollars. Lawrence tried the case and the Judge would not dismiss the case even though the radar was not calibrated since the state police purchased it five years prior. Lawrence Appealed and lost, and then appealed again to the District Court. The District Court Judge reversed the decision on appeal, as she agreed with Lawrence that the state police can't ignore their own regulations regarding calibration of radar because every mile per hour over the speed limit results in a higher fine in addition to possible additional penalties."
Daniel H
I was charged with illegal possession of a firearm and use of a firearm to sell marijuana even though it was locked in my safe at home miles away from where i was going at the time.  Lawrence got the charge thrown out. 
I was wrongfully arrested and prosecuted by the Tiverton Police Department, which caused me extreme mental health issues for the months i was facing charges.  Lawrence sued them in Federal Court, the insurance company for the police department offered to pay us zero dollars stating they did nothing wrong.  Lawrence tried the case during Covid in front of a jury.  The Jury awarded me over 87K in pain and suffering, and awarded us attorney fees which amounted to over 200k.  Lawrence took the time to prepare me to properly testify about what happened, in addition to going through thousands of documents in which he found one fax that help us convince the jury.
I have a CDL and was charged with DUI Refusal.  Lawrence protected my CDL and got the DUI Refusal thrown out.
Paul F
I was hit by another car on 95 south.  The other driver tried to blame me.  Her insurance company sided with her.  Lawrence took them to court had an accident reconstruction expert piece back the accident, and with that the insurance company still would not budge.  Lawrence kept fighting and was taking the case to trial, when finally the insurance company realized they were not going to win. 
Xiaye WU
I was told I met the maximum time i could obtain on my workers compensation benefits, no attorney would take my case.  Lawrence got me an additional 3 years on workers compensation. 
I was injured in Massachusetts in a car accident.  The insurance company said it was my fault and offered me 2k.  Lawrence sued and got me Policy limits, and then went after my insurance policy for underinsured benefits and I am sure he will get the same thing.  
Constance S
I was charged falsely by my ex for abuse, in addition to having her move to modify child support and custody.   Lawrence fought back relentlessly, got the charges dismissed criminally and then was successful in negotiation a better child support payment and visitation schedule with full custodial rights then existed prior to the charge. 
I was in a car accident in New York in the bronx.  the insurance company did not want to pay me any money.  Lawrence sued in New York and through mediation got me over 150K for my shoulder injury.