Workers Compensation

Injured at work?

Workers’ compensation covers cases in which employees are harmed while performing their job-related duties. These workers may be entitled to recover lost wages, medical/rehabilitation expenses, and disability payments. Often companies are very generous and ensure employees are adequately compensated for their injury. Sometimes they are not. Either way, consulting an attorney to ensure you receive the full support you are legally entitled to is essential.

Whether you are the employee or employer, we will work with you to ensure you get fair consideration under the law, and not fall victim to bad faith or ignorance. We do everything we can to secure victory, including conducting an original investigation, thorough due diligence, and an aggressive litigation strategy. No matter which side of the case you fall on, having Almagno Law by your side is a winning choice.


Our firm has been practicing law in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York for almost ten years. During that period we have successfully represented hundreds of clients in cases involving personal injury, workers comp, criminal defense, civil litigation, business law, and other areas of practice.


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The ultimate goal of a workers’ compensation attorney representing the claimant—the injured worker—is to help that individual obtain benefits. The goal of the workers’ comp lawyer representing the defendant, which would be the employer or the employer’s insurance company, is to mitigate the defendant’s liability.

Your workers’ comp lawyer can advise you about your eligibility for other benefits as well. These might include Social Security disability, short term disability through your state government, long term disability insurance benefits, vocational and rehabilitation assistance, and even wage reimbursement.

Because a third party’s negligence caused the accident, you can sue regardless if you’re receiving workers’ compensation benefits. However, if you win a product liability lawsuit, your employer may ask for reimbursement of the money they spent on your workers’ compensation claims.

You may be able to sue your employer in the following situations.
  • Your Employer Discriminated Against You. 
  • You Were Wrongfully Terminated From Your Job. 
  • Your Employer Is Harassing You. 
  • You Were Injured at the Workplace.

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