Personal Injury

Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury law refers to the defenses and legal remedies involved in civil lawsuits. These types of cases involve a private plaintiff seeking compensation for harm caused by the defendant’s actions. Many personal injury cases are based on the doctrine of negligence. To establish liability in personal injury cases, it must be proved that a reasonably prudent person in the defendant’s position would’ve acted differently under the same set of circumstances. Almagno Law, INC. Firm is an experienced law firm handling personal injury cases. Attorney Lawrence Almagno is a Rhode Island personal injury attorney with in-depth knowledge regarding personal injury cases and has many successes.

New York Personal Injury Attorney: Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases cover a broad spectrum of negligence, including car accidents caused by drunk drivers, faulty products, dog bites, medical malpractice that resulted in harm and more. Once negligence has been established, the defendants must pay the plaintiff damages. This damages may include medical bills, emotional distress, loss of earning capacity. Sometimes, expert testimony is needed to prove damages. In personal injury cases with particularly egregious conduct, punitive damages may also be available. When initiating a personal injury lawsuit, it is important that the proper defendants are identified and named. An experienced personal injury attorney like Lawence Almagno uses effective investigative methods to identify all liable defendants.

Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorney: Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

To defend against personal injury liability cases, it’s not uncommon for defendants to use common defense theories, especially insurance companies. Defendants often argue that the plaintiff did not use due care and is either wholly or partially responsible for their injury. The defendant may also argue that the plaintiff assumed the risk by engaging in a specific behavior, such as petting a dog or speeding. To fight these allegations, it’s important to have an experienced personal injury attorney for rebuttal. Attorney Lawrence Almagno knows the law and will also do a thorough investigation, including taking depositions from witnesses, to argue on your behalf. In addition, he will do the legal research and cite previous case law to strengthen the proof of liability.

If you’ve incurred an injury due to the negligence of an individual or entity, be sure to call the Almagno Law, INC. Firm. Attorney Lawrence Almagno will give you personalized attention and let you know whether or not you have a case.